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Hospital Plan, Fundamental to Medshield’s Essential Medical Cover

Posted in Articles   |   November 3rd, 2020

No one deliberately sets out to plan and do something so irresponsible or hazardous that is likely to land them in hospital, but accidents and unforeseen events that necessitate in-patient medical intervention or treatment do occur.

Nevertheless, you never know what can happen, nor when the feared, mysterious, unforeseen “it” will rear its head and strike, requiring you to be hospitalised – briefly or for an undetermined, potentially lengthy period of time, much less the associated in-hospital costs incurred. The cost of living, particularly in South Africa, has risen dramatically in recent times.

Rising Healthcare Costs

Rising medical and healthcare costs are a reflection of this trend, intensified by a lack of sufficient state resources required to provide a growing population with well-intended, free universal healthcare for all. The numbers just do not add up – too many patients are awaiting assistance at government hospitals and clinics, versus the limited number of doctors, specialists, nurses, functioning equipment, stocks of medicines in hospital pharmacies, and even beds for patients requiring admission.

Long Wait and Hefty Out-of-Pocket Payment

If you or a member of your family were to require urgent or emergency hospitalisation, how would you (and they) feel about waiting in a long queue to be seen and assessed by a medical practitioner when the patient is unwell and there is no private healthcare plan in place?

Worse still, how would you cope with an account for hospitalisation that includes medical specialists, life-saving surgery, theatre and anaesthetists’ fees, and a host of incidental items that all add up to a hefty, prohibitive total amount of money that you simply cannot afford to pay out of your own pocket?

Comprehensive Medical Aid or Hospital Plan

A fully comprehensive medical aid option with maximum cover always has to be the first choice, because it covers the widest range of medical conditions, treatments, and resultant claims. Nevertheless, exercising this option may not be possible for various reasons.

  • You are single, young, healthy, and fit, and are able to pay for the occasional visit to the doctor, medication, and day-to-day expenses
  • You cannot afford fully comprehensive medical cover

In both of these scenarios and with the current South African economic and healthcare conditions, it is essential to have membership of a private, unlimited hospital plan, at the very least.

All Medshield’s medical aid options include major medical emergency hospitalisation and specified in-patient procedures and treatments, depending on the medical aid plan selected by the principal member of the scheme. A variety of procedures, devices, or rehabilitation services may be included, excluded, or subject to terms and conditions – again depending on the plan.

Medshield Options  

  • MediCore – our hospital plan with unlimited in-hospital cover
  • PremiumPlus – includes a personal savings account
  • MediSaver – personal savings account
  • MediBonus – comprehensive cover with certain benefits to cover additional services
  • MediValue – includes limited cover for fundamental healthcare needs
    • MediValue Compact – Includes the same benefits as MediValue at a cheaper cost, but members must use the specific Medshield Provider Networks
  • MediPlus – also offers day-to-day limits and services
    • MediPlus Compact – Includes the same benefits as MediPlus at a cheaper cost, but members must use the specific Medshield Provider Networks
  • MediPhila – unlimited PMB cover plus generous, per-member non-PMB limits during hospitalisation and daily limits for specific services elsewhere in the medical system

Most importantly, your most vital and essential in-hospital medical needs are covered by all of Medshield’s innovative, easily understood medical cover options, enabling you to select the plan that best suits you, your needs, and your budget. Rest assured in the knowledge that your most crucial medical cover is provided by Medshield.

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