Why It is Important to Obtain and Compare Medical Aid Quotes

  • May 27th, 2024

Few South Africans can afford private healthcare without financial support, but obtaining several medical aid quotes is essential before joining a scheme. Given that we are currently in the grip of a global recession and battling rampant inflation, it is understandable that so many are seeking ways to save a few Rand wherever possible. It may be reasonable to settle for a cheaper cut of meat or forsake your favourite brands for the supermarket’s more affordable alternative. However, it is not a good idea to cut corners when you or one of your family members need medical attention.

Be Sure to Obtain Several Medical Aid Quotes Before Making Your Choice

If you believe joining a medical scheme might be too expensive, imagine the potential cost of a lifesaving operation you can’t afford. You can’t put a price limit on your health or that of your loved ones. However, you need to choose a product you can afford, as failure to pay the monthly premiums could leave you and your family without access to private healthcare when you most need it. Each scheme offers a range of options with monthly premiums designed to meet most budgets. You should approach several companies and obtain quotes from each, selecting all those you can afford for closer scrutiny.

Compare Benefits, Not Prices when Analysing Medical Aid Quotes

The purpose of obtaining quotes should not be to compare prices but to determine what you will receive in exchange for your money. Each of a scheme’s products provides a defined set of benefits. The latter indicates the services for which you will be covered, such as hospitalisation, surgery, medical imaging, laboratory tests, dentistry and optometry, and the maximum sums you can claim for each. Only by carefully examining what each product offers can you be sure that you and your family will receive the essential financial support for the private healthcare services you are most likely to need.

Some Restrictions Could Apply to Your Medical Aid Quotes

Do not assume that you will qualify for all the benefits immediately. While no scheme can refuse you membership or load your premium because they consider you a high risk, all apply the following waiting periods:

  • If you are a first-time member or have been without medical aid for more than three months before joining, you will need to wait three months before you can submit a claim.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition not listed as a prescribed minimum benefit, you will only be able to claim related expenses after 12 months.

Get Medical Aid Quotes from Medshield

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