Who Benefits Most from Medical Schemes in South Africa

  • May 3rd, 2021

Many people currently living in South Africa have their doubts about joining a medical aid plan. They assume, often without thinking about it, that because they are young, fit, or in good health, they do not need to look into medical schemes. This is not only undervaluing one’s health, but ignoring how quickly one’s health status can change. South Africa, a known hotspot for crime and road accidents, also has high incidents of chronic conditions like the rest of the world. Requiring urgent, extensive treatments and life-saving surgery become costly, especially when a hospital stay is counted into the equation. It is in the case of those emergencies that members of medical schemes in South Africa are most grateful for their coverage.

Young Adults (Singles and Couples)

Young adults are often most prone to neglecting their health and health coverage. This is because being younger means that one’s body becomes fitter, recovers faster, and does not yet show signs of ageing. There are still, however, many incidents of younger people in need of emergency care, or the treatment for the onset of life-threatening conditions. Because uncertainty is part of everyone’s tomorrow, looking into the right medical schemes today is beneficial.

Young Families Looking to Grow

If you are planning on expanding your family, then medical aid coverage is essential. When looking into schemes, find out about plans that offer pre- and post-natal maternity benefits and have family general practitioners on their network service providers list. Also remember that young, school-attending children might come into contact with viruses and bacteria more often, and thus require better day-to-day benefits.

Adults With or Without Families

As our bodies begin to age, it is not uncommon that more health issues arise. While it is vital to care for oneself through the right diet and exercise, having comprehensive cover whenever the need arises offers much peace of mind. It is far better to invest in your own health by paying monthly contributions to a scheme than to fret the day you require urgent care.

The Elderly

Older adults have an increased risk of developing certain conditions, and screenings, assessments, and treatments of such can rack up a hefty bill. Individuals currently approaching or living in retirement, especially, can benefit most from a plan that offers extensive hospital cover and day-to-day benefits.

Individuals with Chronic Conditions

Medical schemes in South Africa must, by law, cover the diagnosis, treatment, and care of a predefined list of chronic conditions called Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). PMBs include any emergency medical condition, a set list of about 270 conditions, and up to 25 chronic conditions. Individuals without a medical aid who currently pay out-of-pocket for their medical expenses will benefit most from a suited plan.

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