What Does a Hospital Plan Normally Cover?

  • July 24th, 2018

Having medical cover is essential in this day and age as you never know when you might need it. Medical cover is not only to cover you in an event of an illness but also for any unforeseen incidents. There are various types of medical cover available for you and your family.  A hospital plan is usually a good place to start, as this provides you with basic, yet important medical cover.

A hospital plan is an essential form of medical cover as most hospital plans includes cover for all your required in-hospital procedures and check-ups.  In most cases, you won’t have to pay any additional fees for procedures, but this will depend on the plan you have. Before you sign up for any hospital plan you need to make sure that you are familiar with the procedures that are covered, so that you can be prepared if  you are required to make a co-payment.  

A hospital plan is ideal if you are:

  • Young and only require hospital cover for yourself
  • Looking for hospital cover in the event of an emergency or accident
  • Starting your career and looking for affordable medical cover

Most people start out with a hospital plan, and move on to other medical cover options as they grow older and start a family. Complete medical cover can be expensive and not everyone has the budget for this, which is why most medical aids offer their members affordable hospital plans.  

Getting a Hospital Plan from Medshield

Medshield has various plans that offer superb in-hospital cover for its members. You can benefit from a range of cover options, suitable for everyone – from young, healthy individuals to older people suffering from chronic medical conditions. You can upgrade your plan at any time, which enables you to start at a cover level that is affordable, and move up to a higher plan when you are ready.

Medshield’s Core Plus

Our Core Plus plan offers unlimited in-hospital cover via the Medshield Hospital Network.  This plan is best suited for young individuals who are looking for a hospital plan without day-to-day medical cover. This means that you will be covered for major medical emergencies and hospitalisation. Treatment and consultations will be paid at 100% of the negotiated supplier fee an excellent benefit to have.

There are some cases that an upfront payment will be required, for example back surgery, colonoscopy and specialised drugs for oncology. Detailed upfront information of services which require upfront payment are available on our website and in the documentation that you will receive when you contact us for more information. We also offer an extended benefit cover of 200% on certain in-hospital services that include surgical procedures, confinement, and consultations by a General Practitioner and Specialist.

Out of Hospital Benefits

If you can’t afford a full medical aid plan but still need some day-to-day benefits, you can opt for our Essential plan. This gives you unlimited in-hospital cover through our network, and a Personal Savings Account where you can manage your day-to-day benefits. Our Standard plan offers the same cover, with the added benefit of having an optional maternity package that is payable from risk. The Standard plan is ideal for newlyweds that are thinking of starting a family in the near future.

Many people consider hospital cover as a vital requirement since you never know when an accident might happen. You don’t necessarily have to get the highest, most expensive plan to be covered for hospital procedures and surgeries. A decent hospital plan will have you covered. Medshield has a range of plans that will suit your needs, whether you are just starting out in life, or if you need a higher level of cover.

If you can’t afford a full medical aid plan for yourself and your family, opt for a hospital plan from Medshield to get quality in-hospital care when you need it most. Speak to a Medshield consultant to determine the different available options to enable you to make an informed choice that will best suit your circumstances.

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