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The Time is Now! #COVID19 vaccine is Available to Members that are 60+ years old.

Posted in Medshield Medical Scheme   |   April 19th, 2021

On Friday 16 April 2021 the Minister of Health, Dr Mkhize officially launched the South African COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Registration Portal (EVDS). All citizens aged 60 years and above are invited to register for the vaccination via the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

As the country’s vaccination programme transitions into Phase 2, the priority is to vaccinate the part of the population that is at highest risk for severe disease and death from COVID-19 infection.  With this in mind, Phase 2A’s priority is to vaccinate our senior citizens i.e. people over the age of 60. This phase of vaccination is intended to start on 18 May 2021, and run for 3 months until July 2021.

Registration on the EVDS (which is currently only open to healthcare workers and citizens aged 60 and over) allows the vaccination team to communicate with registered members and schedule them for vaccination at a place and date that is closest to their specified location.

To enroll onto the EVDS please click on the link, or copy the link into your internet browser:

When registering, you will be required to input your ID number, street address, medical aid scheme, medical aid number, mobile number, preferred date (weekday vs weekend) and time to be vaccinated (morning vs afternoon) as well as a region in the country as to where you would like to be vaccinated. It is very important that you indicate that you are a Medshield member and provide your Medshield member number when registering so the Scheme can cover the cost of your vaccination.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation SMS within 24 hours to the mobile number you provided, confirming successful registration. Closer to the time for your vaccination you will receive another SMS with the date, time and place for your vaccination. Please take your Medshield membership card along when you go for your vaccination.

1. Vaccination will take place at specified GP facilities, pharmacy clinics, some travel clinics and some nursing homes, elderly facilities and frail care centres. These will be communicated in the confirmation SMS as explained above. 

2. Given that we are entering the flu season it is advisable that members are vaccinated for the flu. If members have a flu vaccination, it is advisable that they should have a 14 day gap between the flu and COVID-19 vaccination so please plan accordingly, depending on which vaccine you have first.

3. Even if you have had COVID-19, it is still advisable that you get a COVID-19 vaccination.

4. Medshield will pay for your COVID-19 vaccination in full. It will not come from your Savings or Day-to-Day benefit.

Medshield cares for you and your health and wellbeing, and we encourage you to have the COVID-19 vaccination. 

We will continue to support you through the process and will provide relevant updates to keep you informed, as soon as these become available.

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