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Seeking a Quick Medical Aid Comparison? Here are Our Products in a Nutshell

Posted in Articles   |   January 18th, 2021

Life, along with its moments of joy and delight, comes with unexpected lows and challenges. One thing most people never anticipate is a sudden turn for the worst when it comes to their health. Because your physical wellbeing is more important than anything else you own, giving priority to your current and future healthcare is essential. It is for this reason that so many South Africans do a medical aid comparison before settling on a plan they feel is needed. To simplify this process for you, we explore our range of current products to suit your needs:

  • Premium Plus. The Premium Plus benefit option is for both families and professionals. In comparison with the other medical aid plans, it offers unlimited in-hospital cover and covers a selected list of procedures which are paid at Medshield Private Tariff 200%. You also have the option of a savings account to manage daily healthcare necessities that happen out of hospital. You have access to chronic-medicine and maternity benefits and on specified benefits, self-payment gap cover and an above-threshold benefit.
  • MediCore. An unlimited hospital plan is strongly recommended to every individual and family, as there is no telling when you will need it most. The MediCore product is one of our medical aid plans that offer unlimited hospital cover at any of the Medshield Hospital Network hospitals. Young and healthy individuals who can manage their own day-to-day healthcare expenses are ideal for this plan.
  • MediSaver. If you are an independent user who plans to grow your family at some point, the MediSaver Benefit Option or Plan is a great beginner product. MediSaver members manage their own out-of-hospital expenses while we cover your unlimited in-hospital costs through our Medshield Hospital Network. This plan also comes with an optional, out-of-hospital maternity package for families planning on having children.
  • MediBonus. If you are seeking comprehensive cover in a medical aid plan, both in and out of hospital, our MediBonus product is for you. This plan provides unlimited in-hospital cover and pays out at 200% of the Medshield Private Tariff for selected services. You also have access to out-of-hospital benefits that include a day-to-day limit for family-practitioner visits, dental, optical, certain specialists, pathology, and radiology.
  • MediValue. Those seeking complete hospital cover for emergencies and procedures with only partial out-of-hospital benefits required are best suited to our MediValue plan. This plan has two available options, however, namely the MediValue Prime and MediValue Compact. For a comparison between the two categories, click here.
  • MediPlus. For both in- and out-of-hospital cover, the MediPlus plan is a great option. Two product categories, the MediPlus Prime and MediPlus Compact, allow members to choose whether they wish to make a smaller contribution through a set of prerequisites. In comparison to the other medical aid plans, MediPlus is ideal for middle- to upper-income earners.
  • MediPhila. For unlimited hospital cover for PMB conditions and generous per beneficiary limits for non-PMB in-hospital treatment, MediPhila is a fantastic option. For selected services, basic out-of-hospital benefits are also covered by the MediPhila plan.

For an  in-depth medical aid comparison of our plans, have a chat with us today or get a quick quote via our website using the needs analysis tool and contribution calculator.

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