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Member Communication

Member Communication

Medshield 2020 Elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) Documents and Communication

Notice of Elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 28 May 2020Download
AGM Notice calling for Trustee Nominations – 28 May 2020Download
AGM Trustee Nomination form and process (Manual version) – 28 May 2020Download
AGM Trustee Nomination form and process (Electronically editable version) – 28 May 2020Download

Medshield continuously keep our members informed of changes to their benefits options, providers or information required to access their benefits:

Medshield Value Proposition – PMSA – 16 July 2020Download
SmartCare WhatsApp Doc: Process and Terms & Conditions – 15 April 2020Download
Postponement of the Medshield Elective Annual General Meeting – 2 April 2020Download
Medshield member newsletter : COVID-19 Quarter 1Download
Medshield COVID-19 Access to Care – 24 March 2020Download
Covid-19 coronavirus and your Medshield healthcare cover – 6 March 2020Download
Chronic Medicine DSP for MediPlus Compact and MediValue Compact – 3 Feb 2020Download
PremiumPlus 2020 Member LetterDownload
MediBonus 2020 Member LetterDownload
MediSaver 2020 Member LetterDownload
MediPlus 2020 Member LetterDownload
MediCore 2020 Member LetterDownload
MediValue 2020 Member LetterDownload
MediPhila 2020 Member LetterDownload