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Help with Medical Aid Quotes and Comparisons

Posted in Articles   |   July 24th, 2018

Medical aid is a vital factor if you are to enjoy a healthy life, so when requesting medical aid quotes and doing comparisons enquire about the following:

  • Types of medical aid benefit plans offered.
  • Hospital plans included in the packages.
  • Personal savings account options available for day-to-day healthcare.
  • Affordability of the various plans.
  • Your existing medical needs and whether such are covered by the medical aid.
  • Add-on services available relevant to the healthcare of your family as opposed to irrelevant benefits such as free movie or event tickets.
  • Chronic conditions covered and benefits plans available for such.
  • Emergency care treatment cover.
  • Surgery cover.
  • Dreaded disease cover.
  • Out of hospital cover for rehabilitation after a serious injury or surgery.

Medical aid quotes should be free and comprehensive. Most people prefer to have information up-front before contacting a broker or consultant. The reason is simple. You may forget to ask about important benefits, costs and terms & conditions when communicating telephonically. If you have the option upfront to compare the various benefits plans offered by the medical aid and have the online facility to calculate your monthly contributions, you already have an idea whether the medical scheme meets your requirements before sorting out finer details telephonically or via email.

We offer you the above facilities and information to help you make an informed decision. You can contact us any time for a medical aid quote and with several plans available, your specific medical cover requirements can be met. Our benefits packages are exceptionally affordable, comprehensive and tailored to meet the different healthcare needs of South Africans. You also have access to emergency services. Chronic conditions, surgeries, and out of hospital aftercare are covered. Our benefits packages include hospital plans, dreaded disease treatments and add-one services which are directly related to the healthcare of your family.

We know that the ideal package is one that matches your particular needs and have kept the following requirements top of mind when we designed our packages:

  • Budget requirements.
  • Dependants.
  • Availability.
  • Range of services and treatments covered.
  • Pre-authorisation services allowing you to plan ahead.
  • Case management services where relevant.
  • HIV/AIDS programme.
  • 24/7 Contact centre and guidance.

Working through a broker

The ideal medical aid scheme will offer you the choice of working through a broker. A broker can assist you in choosing the most suitable benefits package for you. You can also contact us directly since we have experienced and knowledgeable consultants to clear up any uncertainties you may have.

Other considerations

Before you select a benefits plan consider your dependant’s current health and your family’s medical history. This will help you decide on benefits such as personal savings account for doctor visits, medicine and self-medication, chronic disease treatment and therapies. If one of your dependents, for instance, needs annual optometry services you will want to ensure that the package you choose allows for enough cover in this respect.

The next consideration should be your monthly budget. It’s simply not worth it to overspend on medical aid and eventually having to unsubscribe from membership because you cannot afford it. Remember that you have the option to upgrade to a more comprehensive option at specific times.


It is essential to review the exclusions listed in each package and if you’re not sure when cover will apply, we recommend that you contact us first to avoid any unpleasant surprises. We have the pre-authorisation service in place to evaluate relevancy of treatments, need for hospitalisation and payments for procedures. This process helps you to save on medical costs and assists us to with managing expenditures. .

Certain procedures may be excluded for a specific period according to the terms & conditions, but if you are unsure, simply enquire and get an answer immediately.

Termination of medical scheme membership

You’re entitled to termination of your membership and will be covered for treatments and procedures up to the last day of the notice period given.

We believe in open communication and long term relationships. Our commitment to fast payment of claims, streamlining of medical aid quotes and availability of information and support sets us apart from other medical aid schemes in South Africa.

Make use of our online comparison and quote request facilities today and find out just how affordable medical cover can be.

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