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Get Medical Aid Quotes Online

Posted in Articles   |   July 24th, 2018

If you want to get medical aid quotes online you have the following options:

  • Make use of a broker to find and compare benefits packages and contributions required by medical schemes.
  • Use a central online facility for comparison.
  • Do an internet search for affordable medical schemes in South Africa and work through each relevant site.
  • Use Medshield’s online quote system to get an accurate quote.

Why our online comparison tool is so popular

One of the biggest frustrations faced by people looking for affordable, yet comprehensive and high quality medical aid is the difficulty of comparing two packages from the same medical scheme. We’ve streamlined the process allowing you to compare the specific benefits of two of our packages simultaneously. This makes it easy since you don’t have to go through the entire benefits list of each package for comparison, but you can simply select your two packages and then the benefits and limits that you want to compare.

Should you wish to compare another package with, for instance, benefits plan A, select another one. With this system we’ve taken out the confusion and have made it possible to determine which package best suits your requirements. Once done, you can also use our online calculator to determine your monthly contributions. This is especially helpful for members with one or more dependants.  With such, there are no surprises  and you can make an informed decision regarding healthcare cover for your family.

Options available

When requesting medical aid quotes and information, people also sometimes have too few choices. Medical care for one person will not be the same as for another. You may suffer from a chronic condition and will need more day-to-day and chronic disease management benefits. Another person may never become ill and only require limited day-to-day care benefits, but want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that should emergency care and hospitalisation be required that such will be covered.

For the above reasons, we provide more than the normal two or three package options. Indeed, we even offer an 80% of fund option for the person who prefers to keep money in a separate savings account for payment of services and to then pay lower contributions. This is excellent for the budget conscious individual.

You may be in tip-top condition today, but might be diagnosed with a type of cancer the next. Should such happen, you will want to know that an oncology management programme is offered by your medical scheme. We offer such as well as a chronic disease management programme in addition to an HIV/AIDS management programme. With these programmes we ensure that you will have access to excellent medical care in and out of the hospital and will be able to manage costs effectively.


Our options include from the 80% of Fund to Standard and Premium packages. You can change to another package at specified times. We believe you should be in control of your healthcare and for such we also have the pre-authorisation programme in place. Through this system we require pre-authorisation for particular treatments and hospitalisation. Once you have gained authorisation you will have the guarantee of treatment and payment thereof.

We also offer case management services for specific conditions such as oncology. You, the hospital or your doctor can initiate pre-authorisation. This helps with planning and thus provides you with more stability in times of crisis.

Affordability of medical aid

We know that a young professional for instance, doesn’t earn the same as an executive at the age of 40 and thus offer various plans to fit different budgets. We are committed to bringing you benefit plans that are not only affordable, but that will suit your healthcare requirements. With us you don’t pay for another person’s doctor visits. You are in control of your day to day costs through the personal savings account programme.

Stability of the company

Another important factor when comparing medical aid companies and packages is the stability of the company. With over four decades in the industry, representation in all nine provinces of South Africa, and a superb credit rating, we’ve proven that we are a stable and trusted medical scheme.

View our benefits plans and use our  available online tools so you can find a package that matches your particular requirements.

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