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Chronic Medicine Management Programme

Chronic Medicine Management Programme

A chronic condition is a condition that requires ongoing long-term or continuous medical treatment. However, not all of these conditions are necessarily covered by the Scheme’s Chronic Medicine Benefit. Medshield subscribes to a Chronic Disease List which specifies those conditions that qualify for this benefit.

A chronic condition is a condition that requires ongoing or long-term medical treatment. All Medshield options provide cover for the 26 PMB Chronic conditions and HIV/AIDS, as specified by the Minister of Health through the Chronic Medicine Management Programme.

The Chronic Medicine Management Programme is designed to manage and authorise payment of appropriate, high-quality and cost-effective medicine from the Chronic Medicine Benefit. The legislated treatment for chronic illnesses include: Diagnosis, Medical Management and Treatment.

If your Authorised Chronic Medication changes you are not required to inform the Chronic Medicine Management Programme of changes to your chronic medication. The change/s will automatically be processed (as per the current Chronic Medicine Management Clinical Guidelines and Protocols).

Chronic Medicine Management Contact Number: 086 000 2120 (choose the correct option)

Facsimile: 0866 151 509