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Cancer that affects men

Posted in Medshield Wellness   |   March 4th, 2019

In November CANSA placed the focus on the ‘Big 5’ cancers affecting SA men during its Men’s Health Awareness Campaign, namely, prostate, colorectal, Kaposi sarcoma (a type of skin cancer), lung and bladder cancer.

Due to differences in biology and lifestyle, men and women face different cancer risks. Common cancers affecting men range from prostate cancer, lung cancer, to colorectal cancers. Aside from prostate cancer, cancers that affect only men include testicular cancer and penile cancer, both of which are very rare

Testicular Cancer

The lifetime risk for Testicular Cancer in men in South Africa, is 1 in 1 798, according to the 2014 National Cancer Registry. Most Testicular Cancers can be detected early – a lump or swelling may be the first sign that a medical practitioner should be consulted. It’s important for young men to start testicular self-examinations soon after puberty. Men from the age 15 to 39 years need to examine their testicles each month, preferably after a bath or shower, to feel for any pea-sized lumps that could indicate Testicular Cancer.

Penile cancer

Penile cancer is cancer that develops within the skin and/or soft tissues of the penis. Penile cancer is one of the rare cancers and will effect 1 in 1 243 South African men in their lifetime. If found early, the chances of curing penile cancer are very high.

Penile cancer can develop anywhere on the penis (including the soft tissue) but most commonly develops either under the foreskin in men who have not been circumcised or • on the head of the penis (glans penis).

Medshield covers Oncology

All 7 of the Medshield Benefit options has a comprehensive Oncology benefit, that includes Active treatment, Oncology Medicine, Radiology and Pathology; PET and PET-CT scans, Integrated continuous cancer care, Specialised drugs and Macular Degeneration. To qualify for the Oncology benefit members have to register on the Oncology Management Programme (ICON) which is a network of oncology specialists who provide quality cancer care across South Africa. Additionally Medshield member have access to pot active treatment for 36 months. ICON also put members in touch with organisations that are able to lend a helping hand and support members on their cancer journey. Additionally, ICON has established a network of social support groups who work to ensure our members get the best possible care


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